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24-27 Sept 2017

Raising our Children – Raising Ourselves

with Naomi Aldort

The three days course, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, is about gaining access to your ability to love unconditionally so you can become the loving parent you truly are inside; one who brings peace, connection and joy into the challenges of living with child/ren.



Each one of us wishes to be a loving, kind and nurturing parent and raise a happy, powerful, loving and responsible human being. Yet, it is often emotionally crashing to discover that how we wish to be, is not always available to us. Some other emotional force can hijack us away from the loving parent that we truly are.


This workshop is designed to create emotional breakthrough and build parenting skills, ways to understand the child, and self awakening techniques. It is a progression of discussions, mental exercises, practice and inquiries that break through emotional limitations, enabling your love to come through. You will learn skills and techniques to allow you to prevent difficulties, to undo errors and to resolve issues without blame, judgement or despair.

The techniques and ideas in the course are a creation of Naomi Aldort over 24 years of assisting families world wide. She incorporate techniques such as Virginia Satir’s people making work, A.S. Neil and John Holt child’s development/education, Joseph Chilton Pearse;s Magical Child, and ideas from EST, Byron Katie’s inquiry, Yoga, Zen, NVC, and more.

Naomi’s teaching affirms attachment parenting, respect, trust and freedom. Yet, she does not teach dogma and does not believe that parents must follow a specific strategy to raise satisfied and contributing human beings.

The results of the ROCRO workshop in families lives is not another set to tricks to make children do what you say (which cannot last and is not optimal for the child), but a new way of being that creates a deep connection and trust.

“It is not what you do, but who you are that makes the whole difference.”


More information

  • The course will be in English.
  • Limited number of participating couples – book your tickets as soon as possible.
  • For questions about the workshop, contact Veronica Larraya:


Contact us for information about food and lodging:


Naomi Aldort

Naomi Aldort is internationally recognized as one of the most effective parenting teachers and workshop leaders today. Her teaching is on the leading edge; it is daring to question our beliefs and to trust the child. The impact of what she has advocated more than twenty years ago is now starting to emerge in the main stream. She has spoken in many countries world wide and is on a speaking tour in Europe this fall.

Aldort lives on Orcas Island in WA state USA where, with her husband, she has raised three young men to thriving adulthood.
Naomi has been writing and teaching parents and families for 24 years. Her university degree is in music and art.

Naomi has never planned a career in teaching parenting. She was happy as a musician and music teacher. Her path unfolded by parents who needed her help.

Her first clients came from parents of her piano students. It started with a mother who said to Naomi, “My daughter has been in therapy for 7 years, but something has shifted since seeing you for piano lessons the last two months.” The family asked for guiding sessions and Aldort limited the number of sessions to seven to create a commitment to real results. After seven sessions the parents told her that the problems that were not handled through therapy have been resolved. Two years later the parents further acknowledged that these achievements were permanent. (Naomi was astonished at the time and gives the credit to the family and not to herself.)

In 1994 Aldort’s article “Getting Out of the Way” was published in Mothering Magazine, followed by other international magazines acquiring her writing and continuing today. Her best selling book was published in 2006 and is in 17 languages



Practical Information

Raising our Children – Raising Ourselves with Naomi Aldort
24-27 September 2017

Arrival & Departure

Arrival Day Sunday 24 September

  • Check-in: 15.00-16.00
  • Course starts: 16.30
  • Dinner is served: 18.30-19.30

Departure Wednesday 27 September

  • Course ends around 16.00


Ängsbacka offers simple accommodation in a home-like style. Please look under the tab Price & booking to see what accommodation is being offered during this course.

  • All of our accommodation alternatives have shared bathrooms.
  • The dorms consists of 12 – 20 bunk beds.
  • Please bring your own towel, bed sheets, pillow cover and duvet cover.
  • You can rent a set of sheets & a towel from us for 150 SEK per course.



The Food

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are all included. We serve vegetarian food, mostly organic, locally produced and made with love. In connection with your reservation, you can order a vegan diet (this is also the alternative if you’re lactose intolerant), a Gluten-free diet and notify us about nut allergies. If possible, the chef will make adjustments for other allergies, please make the request when you book. Unfortunately, we can not, for practical reasons, accommodate any other food philosophies or diets.


Angsbacka lunch


Working Meditation

A beautiful way to integrate the course is to do working meditation with us on Ängsbacka. This is a praxis that is included on almost all our courses. As participant we invite you to join us in the community for 30 minutes per day and helping out with easy tasks such as cleaning or dishwashing. You will get an introduction to your task and then you do it the same time every day. Our volunteers are very grateful for your contribution and will also help you out. We do the working meditation together!



General Information

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with workshop leaders from around the world. Please be aware that the main language of the courses therefore can be different, e.g. in English, Swedish or Norwegian.

It is good to bring good shoes for walking in the forest surrounding Ängsbacka and an extra towel for a visit to our sauna. You can also rent a special “Sauna” or “Sweat lodge” towel from us for 50 SEK per occasion.


Other information

In the nearby Molkom society, about 1,5 km away, there is an ATM where you can withdraw cash.

Our Café is a nice and cosy meeting place that is always open on Saturdays. Have a coffee or herbal tea along with new meetings and interesting conversations. You can also buy organic pastries, sandwiches and healthy drinks.


Ängsbacka cafe cakes


In the Ängsbacka Shop we sell a variety of health products and organic bodycare, relaxing music, books, clothes, organic incense, unique jewelry, yoga accessories and more.


No Alcohol or Drugs

Please note that Ängsbacka is a Alcohol and Drug Free place. We dont serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under influence of alcohol or other subtstances when you are at Ängsbacka.


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It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by train and bus, or by car. Read more about how to find your way here.



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Payment Methods

Tickets can be paid online by card or by bank transfer.

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If you have problems paying by card (for example due to limited allowance), please contact us for a manual payment link.

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Booking Terms

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Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation latest one month before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 350 SEK per person. Children and youth (up to 18 years old) pay half this fee. Within one month and until the event starts, the fee is 15% of the total value of your booking. The maximum cancellation fee for one person/booking is 900 SEK.
Please note that when cancelling closer than two weeks before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required. Refunds will not be made if you cancel after the event has started.
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Communication policy

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