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Please note! This program shows previous Midsummer celebration.

20-22 June 2019


at Ängsbacka

20-22 June 2019


21-23 juni 2018


på Ängsbacka

Vi bjuder in till musik, kreativitet, stillhet, skogsmagi, ceremonier, öppna hjärtan, nya vänner och massor av dans.









Would you like to see what the Midsummer festival looks like? Click here! 

Children & Youth

Welcome to a Midsummer Celebration for all ages!

Our intention is to create a magic weekend for the whole family. There will be plenty of time to hang out with each other and play together. There will be workshops for families to join and some suitable for both youths and adults. Also the opening/closing and morning meetings will be for all ages and we really hope you will bring your children there to sing and dance together.

On a central spot in our beautiful garden you will find the children’s tent where there will be lots of opportunities for creativity and having fun together.


Info for 2019 will come later!

Opening times kid’s camp 2018:
22/6 Friday 10.00 -13.15 and 14.15-16.15
23/6 Saturday 10.00- 13.15

Please note we do not have child care for children under the age of 4. The little ones are very welcome accompanied by an adult.

During certain times on Friday and Saturday, there will be childcare for all children form the age of 4 and up, to play, sing and try out different activities. There will be a great team of workshop leaders and volunteers taking good care of our beautiful children. During these hours parents are given the opportunity to attend workshops on their own.

We will present the time for childcare here shortly. (No childcare under 4 years)

We are extra happy to welcome our fantastic children and youth to this Midsummer Celebration!


Workshop Leaders & Musicians –
Ängsbacka Midsummer 2018


We are pleased to present the Teachers, Workshop leaders, Artists & Musicians. The list will be updated and replenished, and there may also be changes in the program, so remember to check back for updates.

Please click the arrow under the names for more info

Andy & Saara


"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Andy and Saara are partners in life and love, on a exploration of creativity through discipline and play. The goal in unknown. Maybe to grow up, or grow old. Life is a fine balance between the two. Indulging in play is the highest form of luxury and pleasure, and this is what they bring to the Midsummer Celebration.

Andy is a student of theatre and a medical massage therapist, with an corporate background in international team coaching.

Saara is a mathematician, teacher, and former competitive ballroom dancer.


This is not a WORKshop. It is NOT about learning something, or becoming someone. It is about mindfully aiming for nothing while doing everything you want. Open to everyone (kids, adults, animals, plants, and fantastic beings) who want to PLAY.

Amanda Ragnarsdotter

Joyful Singing

"In your throat lies a hidden treasure. This fragile portal of beauty, pureness and truth. This endless source of joy and creativity"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Amanda is a Swedish voice coach specialized in singing techniques, trained for five years at the academy of music in Malmö. She works with all ages and focuses on combining body and breathing awareness with different voice techniques.

Amanda creates a safe and playful singing-space to encourage people to accept their own voices and let go of boundaries. She tries to break down the myth of tone-deafness and claims that its just a matter of practice.

Amanda is a trained pop/rock singer but has also a lot of experience in genres like soul, jazz, folk, musicals and classical singing. She has been writing her own music and lyrics for 15 years. For Amanda, both composing and singing is essential elements for dealing with life.

Warmly welcome!


In a playful way we will get to know our voices and our hidden potentials in singing and improvising. Through movement, contact and laughter we will honour the uniqueness in our voices. No previous experience is needed.

Jimmy Lundgren

Sweat Lodge

"Life starts where your comfort zone ends."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jimmy is a wild passionate soul, a warrior of the heart. He has died many times and comes back stronger every time. He do not fit in the "normal box" and create his life fearless.

This man "had a feeling" that a certain poisonous plant could be healing so he went out alone in the forest, lit a fire, created a ceremony and took what should be a nearly deadly dose and sat in meditation with the fear of death, embracing, reflecting, meditating.

If he believes something is true and can benefit growing he will be one of the first to try. Jimmy have many years training behind him mostly withtin the areas tantra, sexual healing and shamanism.

If you want to be inspired with joy, passion, love and power - you go visit this man!


Jimmy holds a non traditional SWEAT LODGE. It is a mix involving Lakota, Northern Shamanism, Tantra and Meditation.

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Anna Viktoria


"Yoga is a beautiful tool to re-connect to body, mind & spirit and remind us of our true nature which is peaceful, fearless, loving and free."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Anna is passionate about sharing yoga that suits everybody, wherever you may be your yoga journey. The healing and therapeutic effects of yoga changed her life 5 years ago and awoke a calling for her to share this practice further. She received her 500hr Yoga Teacher certification in the Himalayas with Yogrishi Vishvketu in India and has studied Hatha, Yoga Therapy, Alignment, Yin, medical yoga and restorative.

She is a traveling yoga teacher who loves to follow the sun but has a base in Stockholm where she is teaching when in Sweden. Annas yoga is infused with warmth, joy, and compassion.


Yin Yoga with live music, Morning Yoga Flow

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Benjamin & Milou Ananda

Thai Yoga Massage, Energetic Healing

"Serve the Universe, jump with me into the endless ocean, dance with me in the waves until I become you."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Milou and Benjamin is a couple that has dedicated their life's to explore love and freedom, and they have melted together into a sweet and powerful unit, that travels the world to share all the treasures they have found, in the ocean of unity.


A unique approach to tantric massage where we connect with the energy body of the receiver to create expansion and full body orgasms that can take us into higher states of consciousness and profoundly resolve energetic blockages.

Benjamin Hedengran Andersen

Musician - Drums, Percussion etc.

"The universe is a timeless dot, that we magically stretch out into time and space, so we can perceive it as music."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Benjamin is a funny bunch of carefully selected musical whateverness.
whatever awakens the soul is embraced with genuine curiosity and continuity, and hopla! there you go - one fresh piece of spiritual music dough, ready to be baked in the love showers of Ängsbacka.

During Midsummer Benjamin is also giving sessions together with Milou.

Filip Fišer

Musician - Flute​s, Percussions​ & Sound Scapes

"To play music with others is like walking together, home.”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Filip is a self-taught, intuitive musician.

He sees music as a gateway to the world of Spirits, like a wild and vivid landscape where light and dark are just different aspects of one big life. Where all that we are could be expressed and given and something greater being met.

By trying out different kinds of instruments, playing on the streets and exploring the nature of sounds in sacred rituals, Filip found flute to be his instruments of the soul.

Gaja Beukers

Essential Sauna- Aufguss ceremony
Walking Barefoot in the forest

"Home is where the earth is."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Gaja Beukers is coaching people combining her 15 years experience and education about food, nutrition, essential oils, longevity and healing our relation to the digestive system. Having done many kinds of cleanses and gone through an amazing transformational healing process her goal is to give guidance and awareness, so you can rediscover a new awareness with your body ‘s needs related to the food choices you make. To a path of wholeness, holistic nutrition for body, mind, and soul.


Essential Sauna- Aufguss Ceremony
Welcome to a relaxing sauna with delicious scents of therapeutic essential oils.

Walking Barefoot in the forest
Grounding, our feet on Mother Earth, we walk and (re)connect.

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Gwen & Indra

Courage - the power of being brave

"There is no courage without fear, no adventure without courage and no hero without adventure. Without fear there would be no fairytale."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Gwen and her partner have traveled around the world overland until west became east. While traveling they filmed the world as they met it. The movie they created, after returned to Germany, surprisingly became the most successful cinema documentation of the year. And people keep asking her: How does it come you are so brave?

Indra has created a community and cultural meeting place in Germany. With artistic practice, this project let towards the cultural change of a city. She discovered and used courage as an essential tool for empowerment in her life.

After years of going separate ways and making different experiences, the two friends met again and developed this workshop to share with you the empowering qualities of being brave.

Johan Hedström

Yin & Yang Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga Dance

"Whatever happens in life - try to be kind, brave & honest."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Johan is a integrative theraphist specialising in transpersonal psychology- the psychology of the spirit. It is a division of psychology that integrates the spiritual and the transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.

He is a Medi and Yin Yoga Intructor- who teaches mindfulness as well as dance therapy.
 Since 2008 Johan has been one of the key people and teachers in the organisation "HBTQ Spirit" (LGBT Spirit). This is a group offering workshops and retreats with focus on movements, stillness and contact.
 He is a student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and owner of Stillhet & Rörelse.

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Magnus Vikström

All Ages Contact Impro & DJ

"Whatever works."
& "Fail again, fail better."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Magnus is a program coordinator for the No Mind Festival. He arranges courses and holds workshops in improvised movement, process, and presence. He's a certified dynamic psychologist. A musician, singer, and songwriter. And a dad.

A passion is to co-create spaces where people are embraced in getting real, expressing their powerful light and hidden shadows. He also loves when people unite and experience a sense of oneness.

Malin Wik

Musician - Voice, Guitar

"Breathing in and out for Life - breathing life for Love."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Malins longing and intention is to be open and support others in opening up for the music to take us everywhere and nowhere.

In music and singing she truly enjoys the gift of just being in the present moment.

Myrthe van den Kieboom

Childeren Playground

"Even the smallest things of life can become the greatest adventures."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

As a child Myrthe was very playful, dancing in the rain, playing theatre, connecting with animals and loved to cuddle. Now when she is 24 she still embodies all of that. She is very connected with her inner child and loves to play.

In 2014 she finished the theatre school, she has been dancing her whole life, she paints and makes drawings. For her, the most beautiful thing about children is how connected they are with the wonders of life. They are so wise. We have no idea. When they are young they are so connected to their true feelings, needs, and boundaries. Children are one of the greatest teachers for us.


An improvisation of play. Feeling the needs of the children and creating a safe space for them to explore. Going on an adventure! Space where we can dance, sing, play or whatever we feel to do. Opening up to the wonder and innocence of life!

Nina & Boris ♥

Kirtan & Heartsongs
Family AcroYoga

"A challenge turns into playing when is experienced in a safe environment. Transformation happens in each moment."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Boris & Nina are yoga and acroyoga teachers that invite to serious playfulness and full presence. With their warm-hearted pedagogy, they create an atmosphere where everyone can feel included and ready to explore their potential.

Boris and Nina combine their diverse backgrounds from yoga, dance, circus and kung fu and find their common denominator in movement and creativity with a life-affirming attitude. Boris & Nina teach and perform together and are passionate about sharing the bliss of acroyoga wherever they put their feet. ♥☀✈

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Pernilla Tykosson


"To listen to and surrender to my inner voice and the way that life unfolds itself, has become a blessing that guides me through my life."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Pernilla´s first meeting with the unique gong vibrations was a deeply spiritual experience. Her feeling after the relaxation was that "everything was different", a feeling of being new in this world. A deep experience of peace, calmness, and relaxation. Another place to act from. At that moment she decided to learn how to play that fantastic instrument. It was the start of a transformational process that came to change her entire life and her way of living it.


The vibrations of the Gong affect the body and the brain at the cellular levels. It cleanses and balances the chakra system. It is very efficient to release stress and deep tension in the body. Dare to let go of control with the sound of the Gong.

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Prem Macuxiva


"Dance and all kind of art are to listen to the voice of intuition and allowed yourself to be guided by it. Make your life a masterpiece of celebration."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Macuxiva is a multimedia Brazilian artist who travels around the world spreading love, freedom, and creativity through his work. He is the organizer of the legendary party Favela Viking in Stockholm. Macuxiva brings together in his events, workshops and spiritual practices his experience with contemporary dance and theater, creating an atmosphere of celebration of life, always with unpredictable and magical surprises.

He became a follower of the world Movement "Awaken Love" coordinated by the spiritual leader Prem Baba and was trained as a Yoga teacher by the Maa Yoga Ashram at Rishikesh in India. He has just published a book of poems and spiritual insights entitled "When the mind is silent, the heart speaks."


A journey to open the heart and connected with the joy of life through the music and dance and free expression. A magical space to allow yourself to be guided by spontaneity and creativity.

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Satya Nyberg

Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Singing, Queer Spiritual

"Being queer is a quest for consciousness."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Music is Satya's passion. Sacred, connective sounds together or alone. Satya has been practicing yoga since 1994, is an educated Yinyoga teacher, and is now studying to become a Kundalini yoga teacher.

Since 2008 Satya has been one of the key people and teachers in the organisation "HBTQ Spirit" (LGBT Spirit). This is a group offering workshops and retreats with focus on movements, stillness and contact.

Sat Nam.

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Ulrika Svanström

Plantwisdom and meditation

"Weeds can be our best green allies."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

For more than ten years Ulrika has actively studied, worked and lived with herbs and their medicinal properties.

Ulrika never stopped admiring natures beauty and wisdom. In the world of medicinal plants, there is always more to learn.

Ulrika is a herbal therapist and works as a
teacher at Nordens Folkhögskola Biskops-Arnö, Naturens Medicin.
Ulrika also makes salves, tinctures etc. from plants in her garden and from the wild surroundings.


We will explore a few of the Swedish medicinal plants that grow around Ängsbacka and take part of their wisdom through information and meditation.

Please note that this info is from 2018. Planning and preparation for 2019 is in progress and we aim to make big updates in beginning of next year. More profiles are added regularly ♡ Remember to check back for updates…



Come as a Volunteer



Dates: 19-23 June

Price: 1200 SEK

Summer volunteering at ängsbacka


As a festival volunteer you come to participate in our festivals and in exchange, you offer your time and energy to serve the festival in one of our working groups.

As an exchange for your contribution, you receive our festival ticket at a discounted price; three beautiful, vegetarian meals a day and a bed in one of the dormitories or tents on the festival campsite.

Please note that the camps have limited spots and might get full.

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Join our Facebook group

Welcome to join the volunteer group on Facebook: Volunteer @ Ängsbacka.

Here Ängsbacka publish info etc, as well as volunteers share good memories, pictures and offers/requests about co-traveling etc.


Warmly Welcome to Ängsbacka!

With further questions please contact:

@  volunteer@angsbacka.se

+ +46 709 203 174
Phone time between the hours 10-13 & 14-16, Monday-Saturday.
Sometimes we receive a lot of calls, so sometimes it can be difficult to get through. If so, please leave a message on our answering machine, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Dates & Times 2018




Starts: Thursday, June 21

Check-in: 14.00-17.00
Dinner: 18.30- 19.30
Welcome Ceremony: 20.00

Ending: Saturday, June 23, 15.00


“Children & Youth”

Opening times kid’s camp 2018:
22/6 Friday 10.00 -13.15 and 14.15-16.15
23/6 Saturday 10.00- 13.15


Price & booking – 2018





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