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3-5 April 2018

Meet the Q’ero Shamans

~ Healing from the Andes ~

with Victor Forselius & Inca Qéro Shamans from the holy mountains of Peru

We are honoured to invite you to participate to meet and to work with the Inca Q´ero shamans in Sweden this April at Ängsbacka. They are coming to be in service for the people from the west, offering their wisdom through teachings and guidance, through healing and ceremony.

The Q’ero Shamans

The Inca Q’ero Shamans tells of their prophecies that speaks of a revolutionary time that we live in today. They are speaking of great changes on earth, in the universe and within ourselves as we now step into a new frequency and energy. In this new time we are offered amazing possibilities of spiritual growth, prosperity and peace.

They are speaking of a new step in the human evolution, that a new spiritual human being emerges within each and every one of us. How we now leave Homo Sapiens Sapiens behind and instead becoming Homo Luminous: the enlightened. Around every person there is an energy field that surrounds and informs our physical body and our DNA.

Don Juan Apaza Quispe and Doña Maria Pauccar Cruz are Inca Q´ero shamans i.e Paqos who lives in the distant villages of the Andean mountains in Peru. They are now coming to Sweden with Carina Davalos Concha who is their translator, organiser and fellow companion. She is also born in the Peruvian mountains practising the path of the shamans as a paqo of the Inca shamanic energy medicine.

Together with Victor Forselius they are traveling through Sweden from the south to the north to help, share and offer healings and wisdom. We welcome all of you to participate in the ancient tradition of the Inca culture and the path of dreams.
Victor is a practising Paqo who has been walking the Inca Shamanic Tradition for 8 years. He is working in direct contact with the Q´ero Shamans and indigenous people of the Andes, guiding people into a spiritual path of the heart.

Come and be touched by the warmth and feel the power of the Andes. Receive powerful cleansings and awaken seeds of light connected to your becoming. Participate in ceremony and rewrite your destiny in communion with these two powerful shamans as they share a 10.000-year-old tradition and wisdom from their Inca ancestors.

The 3-day Workshop

Throughout the workshop the Q´ero shamans will be your teachers, guiding you through a life-transforming journey of opening your hearts, diving deep into the Andean path of shamanism. 3 days of humbleness and a profound spiritual experience of the Inca Shamanic tradition working directly with the source.

”Learn how to heal yourself with great power with the face towards the future. Bring the gifts of your soul into reality.”

During the workshops we will work with ancient tools connected to the shamans myths and legends. Connect with a lineage of ancestors outside of time and start to build your medicine bundle called the Mesa. Learn how to work with the three levels of the universe, connecting with the 3 main worlds around us. Heal the wounds of the past and the unconscious; connect with the gifts of your becoming and manifest a conscious journey in your present life. Manifest a great transition in your physical, emotional and spiritual being and reconnect with the world of living energy.

Workshop content:

1st day:
* Learn one of the Q´ero shamans most important and ancient ceremonies to manifest harmony and balance in connection to the universe. Step outside of time meeting the ancestors around the fire through fire ceremony. Receive the power of the water spirit through sacred work and an ancient initiation transmitted to you by the shamans. Learn how to work with sacred medicine stones as well as the art of Soul Retrieval: to bring back the light of soul.

  • Despacho ceremony • Importance of a Despacho • Ingredients in a Despacho and the importance of these •Burning the Despacho • Initiation of the water spirit •Healing with medicine stones • Learning about Soul Retrieval

2d day:
* Learn how to work with sacred tools of healing creating your own altar, initiated by the Q´ero paqos through ceremony. Bring and work with 3 stones each one from a; Mountain, a river, ocean or lake and one from nature. Be guided in how to work with four universal energies of light and how to create a powerful illumination and blessing through them.

  • How to create a spiritual mesa • Initiations from teachers • Start building your own mesa • Creating a spiritual connection to the stones • Saminchaqui • Callpachakuy • Tullunchakuy • Yawarchakuy • Pulse reading

3d day:
* The shaman is a mediator between heaven and earth, bringing harmony and balance between the spiritual and the physical world. Learn how the shaman walks and travels within the three main worlds to deepen your shamanic skills and connect with the spirits of Kausay Pacha: the world of living energy. Learn how to connect with the spirit of the earth, mountains, wind, water, the spirit of the mighty condor and the goddesses of the Andes.

  • 3 worlds; Hanacpacha, Kaypacha, Hujupacha • Connect to Pachamama’s spirit • Connect to Apu spirit • Connect to the wind spirit • Connect to the water spirit • Connect to the Condor spirit • Ñustakunas  Yachaynin: Princesess/ godesses of the Andes.

More information

  • The workshop will be in English.
  • For signing up, and questions about the workshop – contact Renee Eriksson:
    Email: renee_eriksson65@hotmail.com
    Phone: +46 702 38 83 61
  • For information about food and lodging – contact Ängsbacka

Welcome to meet the Q’ero Shamans at Ängsbacka in April!

Photo credit to Camilla Wengelin for the header image.

Karina Davalos Concha –
Otorongo (The Jaguar)

I was born in the capital of the Inca Empire; Cusco and was later taken to the mountain village of Mollepata to stay there with my grandparents. The first language I learned was Quetchua (Inca language) and Spanish (Castellano). During my stay in Mollepata I had my first encounter with Apu Salkantay (Apu is the mountain spirit, and an important teacher for those who walk in this tradition). I use to play among the rocks, rivers, animals and nature and at harvest time I attended my grandparents offering ceremonies to Pachamama (Mother Earth) using Coca Leaves (Kintus). I observed carefully all the rites and ceremonies and could soon join them with meaning and intention.


At 8 years of age, we returned to Cusco and I began to sell handmade crafts on the streets. Later in my 20s I met Alberto Villoldo in Cusco.He is the founder of The Four Winds Society and I started to work with him for many years as a translator and guide in his groups. During this period I received a great deal of spiritual training under the leadership of the elders Q’ero descendants of the Inca nation, Don Manuel Quispe, Don Mariano Apaza, Don Umberto and Dona Bernadine all of whom were Kurak Akullek (The highest rank of spiritual leaders). My first initiation was performed in Apu Ausangate. At this holy mountain and place I started to build my Mesa, a sacred medicine bundle containing power objects/ stones from these initiations. I continued my training in Puno and Cusco and during those years got a revelation that told me I was ready to hold ceremonies myself.

Some years later I became pregnant but I continued my sacred work to hold ceremonies even during my pregnancy. My daughter, Piera, was born, and I was surprised to see that even at an early age, she was very interested in the ceremonies. During our journey to Norway in 2012, she participated actively in fire ceremonies, singing to the sky and seemed captured by nature and its secrets. Having seen her perform purifications with condor feathers she was already stepping into the path of the shaman. Piera sometimes feels an imbalance in nature which makes her feel uncomfortable. This sometimes gives her nightmares. She then asks me to clean her energy field, and this helps her to find her balance and peace again.
Today I carry with me a deep gratitude to the cosmos for giving me the opportunity to share and help others with this gift, a gift from the universe.


Don Juan Apaza Quispe –
Misqi Q`ente i (The kolibri of sweetness)

 I was born in the Q’ero village Puacartambo, 4500 meters up in the Andes. My father was Don Dionicio Apaza. I’m a Quechua speaker. During my childhood I saw all the ceremonies that my father and mother performed, and when I was 8-years old I became very interested in these ceremonies. I started to attend the ceremonies and quickly grew in knowledge, driven by my curiosity. I learned ceremonies for health, family, crops, animals and nature. I felt I had great knowledge without having been trained. I performed these ceremonies, being in service for others and realized how it was in service for me at the same time. The Apus “Mountains” and Pachamama “Mother Earth” gave me direction for the future. Eventually I got my family and at age 19, I fully integrated my work as Paqo and healer into my life. My grandfather led me down this path and he was also the one who gave me my first initiation called the Hatun Karpay.. This ceremony was performed at the feet of the mountain Apu Huamanllipa. Huamanlipa is a holy and mighty mountain belonging to the villages to Q’ero. My further initiations were performed at Apu Qoylloriti, Apu Sinaccara and after these ceremonies I began to get a stronger connection to Pachamama, Mother Earth. I began to receive messages from her, the mountains and the Universe. My third initiation of the Hatun Karpay was given to me from my wife Dona Maria. This was performed at the foot of the mountain Apu Huamanlipa and it was a very special experience to receive the immense energy and such a power from Mother Earth. I appreciate life and feel gratitude to Pachamama for this spiritual path, receiving these gifts and to share this with my brothers and sisters in the same way. ”


Doña Maria Pauccar Cruz – 
Munay Huayra (Wind of love)

 Doña Maria was born in the village Totorany in Q’eros. Her father is Don Domingo Pauccar Huaman, and her mother is Luisa Cruz Ordon, and they speak Quechua as their mother language. Doña Maria has participated in ceremonies since she was 12 years old and assisted her mother as a midwife since 16 years of age. Maria received her initiations and Karpays as well as Despacho mandala ceremonies when she was 18 years old. From 22 years of age she began to practice as a midwife alone. She married Don Juan when she was 20 and Don Juan gave her the traditional initiations at the sacred mountain Qoyllority and Huamalipa. Doña Maria is a Pampa Mesayoq and a midwife in her village Collpacucho. She has a vast experience in pulse readings and in healing of the body. In Peru and up in the mountains she combines the art of energy medicine and with traditional native herbal medicine.


Victor Forselius

Born in the house of Leo, Victor has followed the calling of soul since childhood. His cause to find meaning, purpose and the path of this physical experience as human being led him to explore the spiritual world next to us. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around.

After discovering a book by Alberto Villoldo in high school and reading half of it, he quit his studies to set off on an amazing self healing journey together with Alberto and the Inca Q’ero shamans. Today he walks as a Paqo (healer, medicine man, keeper) of the ancient teachings from these long forgotten people in the Andes. For more than seven years, he has shared the Inca shamanic path, guiding people into a journey of self discovery using ancient tools of healing and ceremony. He ignates in them a flame of remembrance of their own path of dreams, and their path of heart.

Victor feels called to be in service by helping, healing and sharing, and to touch the modern world of intellect and mind with the warmth of heart and soul.


Behind every problem there is a spiritual solution!

Website: www.kausaypacha.se

Practical Information

Meet the Q’ero Shamans from Peru with Victor Forselius
3-5 April 2018

Arrival & Departure

Monday 2 April

Check in: 18.00-18.30

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Tuesday 3 April

Check in for late arrivals: 08.30 – 09.00

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The course starts 09.00.

Thursday 5 April

The course ends 18.00.
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Working meditation

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The Food

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Angsbacka lunch


Working Meditation

A beautiful way to integrate the course is to do working meditation with us on Ängsbacka. This is a praxis that is included in almost all our courses. As a participant, we invite you to join us in the community for 30 minutes per day and helping out with easy tasks such as cleaning or dishwashing. You will get an introduction to your task and then you do it the same time every day. Our volunteers are very grateful for your contribution and will also help you out. We do the working meditation together!



General Information

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with workshop leaders from around the world. Please be aware that the main language of the courses, therefore, can be different, e.g. in English, Swedish or Norwegian.

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Ängsbacka cafe cakes


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Meet the Q’ero Shamans from Peru with Victor Forselius
3-5 April 2017