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Warmly welcome to Conscious Parenting Festival at Ängsbacka in August!

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Rebecka Koritz

Seeds of Freedom

"It's time to adapt the school system to meet children's real needs, and to another vision of what our society can be."

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Rebecka Koritz is passionate about self-directed education and peaceful parenting. She has an extensive and unique path within alternative education: as an ex-student in the Montessori system, co-founder of two Waldorf initiatives, and the founder of Explora ALC, Mexico´s first Agile Learning Center.
Rebecka runs her ALC, gives workshops, and writes articles. She also accompanies her teenage son on his journey in the world of self-directed education. She loves empowering other human beings to experience and create freedom in their lives. Born in Sweden, Rebecka lives in Mexico since 2003.


We need to examine and question our beliefs about children and how we treat them, in order to open up to a whole new understanding of how children learn. Children are born free and should have the right to decide what, when, where and how they learn.

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Itza Orozco

Normcreative leader


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Itza has been working in alternative preschools and schools for the last 10 years. She has a Masters in Pedagogy and has contributed to the creation of Backa Förskola as the Director of the preschool. Her passion is to spread awareness around how social conditionings around such as gender, race, sexuality, age, etc. creates an unequal reality for ourselves and the children of our world. Using tools from theater practices, NonViolent Communication, coaching and play, she supports schools and companies in their efforts to create inclusive and democratic spaces.


Normcreativity gives us tools to create new ways of observing and relating to ourselves and others beyond gender roles, race, class, disabilities, etc.

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Practical Information

Conscious Parenting Festival
14-18 August 2019

Arrival & Departure

Arrival Wednesday 14 August
• Check-in: 15.00-16.30
• Welcome ceremony: 17.00-18.00
• Dinner is served: 18.00-19.00

Departure Sunday 18 August
• Closing ceremony: 12.00-13.00
• Lunch is served: 13.00-14.00

Price & Booking

Conscious Parenting Festival
14-18 August 2019

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LATE BIRD” ADULT tickets are sold during the last 3 days before the event at a total fee of 3200 SEK in dorm or own tent that you bring along. Late bird price starts on the 11th of August  and stays until the event starts. Register via the form below.

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