Our courses, retreats and trainings


Body Love – A New Beginning
Lamhita Jacobson

7 Mar - 10 Mar

A weekend to let go of what you no longer need through Trauma Healing, Gong and Yoga.

Kundaliniyoga Teacher Training
Kursstart för Sthlm & Karlstad

8 Mar - 10 Mar

Ettårig utbildning i Oslo, Stockholm, Karlstad eller Örebro med gemensamma retreater på Ängsbacka.

The Ineffable Stream
Susannah Grover

24 Mar - 31 Mar

Meditation practices, self-inquiry and integration of spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom.

Pink Tantra
Blake & Ingela Steele

22 Apr - 25 Apr

Discovering higher potentials hidden in our bodies, minds & sexual nature – to renew, heal and transform our life.

Sohan & Birgitta

1 May - 5 May

Öppen Kundaliniyoga retreat.

Tantric Dating Masterclass
Lin Holmquist & Aaron Kleinerman

2 May - 5 May

Explore conscious dating - connecting through emotions, intellect and sensuality.

Stora Medicinhjulet – Kursstart vår
Victor Forselius

7 May - 12 May

One year Energy Medicine Training to become a healer in Inca-shamanic tradition.

Sexual Intelligence
Talib & Shubhaa

8 May - 12 May

Explore yourself through a profound personal process, taking the time and space to explore the collective split between sexuality and the heart.

The Zen Way of Coaching
Kåre Landfald

31 May - 5 Jun

A profound personal journey, and a coach training with a unique inner focus.

Family Constellation – Festival Deepening
Svagito Liebermeister

15 Jul - 17 Jul

Deepening family constellation retreat after No Mind Festival

ISTA – Level 1

5 Aug - 11 Aug

A life-changing training in stepping into your full power as a sexual and conscious being.

Tantra Heart – Free to Love

5 Aug - 9 Aug

Free yourself from any limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self.

New: AcroYoga Teacher Training

1 Sep - 15 Sep

Two weeks intensive training in becoming an Acro Yoga Teacher.

Biodynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training
Antar Rasal

2 Oct - 13 Oct

Intensive training to become a skillfull practitioner in Biodynamic Rebalancing Massage

Stora Medicinhjulet – Kursstart höst
Victor Forselius

14 Oct - 19 Oct

One year Energy Medicine Training to become a healer in Inca-shamanic tradition.

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom
Åsa Kullberg

7 Nov - 10 Nov

Returning to an innocent, natural and sacred sexuality.

Skrivande & Kärlek – Skrivarkurs
Bob Hansson

14 Nov - 17 Nov

Om skrivande, meditation, kreativitet. Vänta inte på inspirationen, skriv som om du redan har den!

Tantra – Pleasure & Healing
Lorenzo Stiernquist

28 Nov - 1 Dec

Heal shame and guilt, dare to enjoy being close and intimate.

Deep Union – Couples Tantra
Smrati Skog

5 Dec - 8 Dec

Relax into intimacy and deepen the bonds in your relationship together.

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