Introducing the new volunteer blog


Living and working at Ängsbacka is a unique experience from a personal and professional perspective, and this deserves to be captured in writing. This blog will hold the space for volunteers to share their views and experiences that coincide with volunteering here, with the view to cover 4 main topics:

courses and festivals

value of volunteering

personal development

daily activities

If you have volunteered here and wish to share anything, comment below and we can look at possibilities. On site volunteers can speak directly to Megan.

We look forward to hearing your responses!

EVS 4: meet the team

Another wave of EVS volunteers (click here for more information about our previous group) began in February, coming together for 11

EVS 3: a new approach

So far, Angsbacka has welcomed 2 groups of volunteers through the youth initiative EVS (European Voluntary Service).

Participants commit to 6-12 months

Working Pleasure and Heart Connection

Working pleasure and heart connection for all volunteers!

Ängsbacka wouldn’t be Ängsbacka without the volunteers sharing their time and energy! But for