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Birthdays and Ängsbacka: part 2

I decide to be here for my birthday after all. Actually, I forgot about it and became caught up in the weekly program, work project ideas and all

EVS 4: meet the team

Another wave of EVS volunteers (click here for more information about our previous group) began in February, coming together for 11 months from 6 different countries. Let's meet some

EVS 3: a new approach

So far, Angsbacka has welcomed 2 groups of volunteers through the youth initiative EVS (European Voluntary Service). Participants commit to 6-12 months living and working here on a

Changing How We See

I was surprised when Anna commented that I was always laughing. I had felt self-conscious and a bit guilty that I was never in the mood to speak

Birthdays and Ängsbacka

Birthdays are big for children but then their importance seems to fade during adult life. I presumed that this would be the same here, however I was pleasantly

Help us to reach out!

Dear friend of Ängsbacka. Please feel welcome to help us reach more people who might like our festivals. An easy way is by inviting your friends on facebook

An introvert in Ängsbacka: part 1

Less than a year ago I applied to stay at meditation centres for weekend retreats, telling them I needed my own room because I got panic attacks at