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All year volunteering at Ängsbacka

Ängsbacka provides a safe and dynamic place to experience community and sustainable living. Through different opportunities, fields and time frames, you can join our course and festival ecovillage for few

Video: Yes to Sustainability!

Ängsbacka celebrated the European Day of Sustainable Communities for the first time on September 22, 2018. A time to highlight and raise awareness about the dimensions of Sustainability: Social, Ecology,

My whole life is about that pleasure

Lin Holmquist has been organizing festivals at Ängsbacka since 2012. The 2018 edition of Ängsbacka Tantra Festival attracted about 800 people from all over and it is now considered

EVS 4: meet the team

Another wave of EVS volunteers (click here for more information about our previous group) began in February, coming together for 11 months from 6 different countries. Let's meet some

EVS 3: a new approach

So far, Angsbacka has welcomed 2 groups of volunteers through the youth initiative EVS (European Voluntary Service). Participants commit to 6-12 months living and working here on a