Participant Agreements for the Sexsibility Festival 2018



I understand that everything said or done during the festival is confidential. I can share my own experiences, but I agree to not use real names, nickname or reveal explicit details about any other person at the festival to anyone outside the festival. I agree to not take photos or make audio or video recordings during the festival (see exceptions below).
I will respect everybody’s boundaries and ensure that all my activities and interactions are respectful and only involve people which have given clear consent to that. If I’m unsure about someone’s boundaries or if I’m not sure if someone has understood my boundaries or if it’s in some way unclear what we have consented to, I will take responsibility for taking the time to clarify this before we continue.

I have understood that it’s not allowed with hateful, harmful, threatening or bullying behavior, or to discriminate or harass anyone, regardless of for example, gender, gender identity (to identify oneself as male, female, a blend of both, neither or something else), sexual orientation, sexual preferences, ethnicity, color, age, functionality, social affiliation, religion or other beliefs.


I understand that I am participating in a festival which is not a substitute for therapy and I am responsible for participating in a way that I can manage (physically, psychologically and emotionally). I understand everything that happens in the festival is voluntary and that I am not compelled to do anything I feel uncomfortable with. I take full responsibility for my own boundaries, for what I don’t want and what I’m not willing to do.

I understand that I can at any time change my mind, say No, stop what I’m doing or leave the room or situation. I can always (as long as it’s done with consent) adjust any exercise or interacting, so it better suits my needs, what I really want or are willing to do.

I am solely responsible to have the insurance I wish to have during the festival and I cannot claim compensation for something I did or exposed myself for.


During the festival, I will not use any alcohol or drugs, not even drugs that are legal, like “Internet drugs” or considered as natural (like plants or mushrooms) for example Ayahuasca, cannabis oil, Fly agaric.
I also understand that smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are only allowed in the designated area.

I know that it’s permitted to use medicine prescribed by a doctor, but I will inform the staff (Lorenzo or someone in the EMO-team) about any diseases, STDS, allergies, psychiatric treatments, physical dysfunctions, pregnancy, recent surgeries, or medications that might have a negative impact on my participation or other peoples safety and I will adjust my participation according to my health condition.

I will not light any fires, incense or candles on Ängsbacka grounds or in the forest.

Due to for example fire safety, I will not leave in the middle of the festival without notifying some of the staff, and I will not invite outsiders during the festival.

Nudity & Sex

I have understood that it is welcomed to be naked and have sex at the festival, but only in certain areas. I will look at the map at the festival to know which areas are allowed for this and I will not be naked or have sex elsewhere.

If I will have sex, I will do my best to practice safer sex. I know that I need to have a clear verbal consent before mucous membranes (in Swedish: slemhinnor) are in contact with each other and I will avoid having vaginal secretions, semen or blood coming in direct contact with mucous membranes or wounds. I understand that mucous membranes can be found in the vagina, on the labia minora, around the glans, the foreskin, the anal, the mouth and eyes. I know that condoms are always a good option, both for intercourse and oral sex and to use a dental dam (in Swedish: slicklappar) when having anal and/or vaginal oral sex and to use gloves when doing anus and/or genital massage.

I will wash my hands and sex toys if they have been in contact with mucous membranes before I touch another person or public things such as door handles.


If I will sit or lie naked, for example in an exercise or in the Playroom, I will use a sheet and a large towel.
In order to minimize the risk of spreading diseases, I will carefully wash and disinfect my hands before each meal.
I will also wash and disinfect my hands after (and before) an intimate meeting.

I will also be mindful about dishes, and bring my plate, cup and cutlery that I have used, to the dish temple and rinse them off very carefully.

Respect each other

I will respect other people’s need for sleep and I will not, for example, speak loudly or be loud if I have sex, if that may disturb others who are sleeping nearby.

In order to share and save warm water, I will only take short showers and I will not use electricity unnecessary.

I will not take anything from the workshop rooms. If I need a blanket, I know I can rent it from Ängsbacka.

If I come by car, I will only park the car in designated areas.

I will not use mobile, computer or other electronics in the festival area unless it is important. If I need to have my mobile on I will put it in silent mode and go aside when I need to talk so I don’t disturb others.
(There is a mobile phone hanging on the information board, which can be used for example in emergency situations, if I need to contact someone in the EMO team, have practical questions or if I want help in any other way.)

Photo policy exceptions

I have also understood that there are two exceptions from photographing prohibition described above.
1. A special photo corner that is clearly marked with a border and signs. So those who want to be photographed can step inside the marked border to be photographed by the ones they have given their consent to.
2. Arranged photo and/or video sessions (for those who voluntarily want to participate) that have a defined place and time which has been informed about in advance.

Stay tuned

I will also really do my best to attend the welcome ceremony, the morning meetings and keep an eye on the information board so I can get important information, so that we can create amazing days together.


Thank you for saying yes to these agreements. Everyone else at the festival will have agreed to the same: all workshop leaders, all volunteers and all staff. We will share this responsibility to have a festival that is as safe as possible, and together create a loving atmosphere.


I have read, understood and accept all of the agreements and know that breaking these agreements might lead to my dismissal from the festival without any refund.


– OR –


No, take me back to the Sexsibility page.