Ängsbacka is proud to act in a network of partners, striving for a more conscious and loving world.  


Camino – Sweden’s only lifestyle magazine for sustainable consumption.
Free – an informative free guide that highlights many of the different paths to personal growth and transformation
Vattumannen – in Stockholm has been around since 1972 and is Sweden’s oldest and largest specialist bookshop for esoteric literature.
Gryningen – Sweden’s widest selection of organic and biodynamic.
rawfoodmiddagar Rawfoodmiddagar – is Sweden’s largest portal for those who want to eat well and healthy with fun company.
Yoga för dig – Sweden’s new yoga magazine.
  Stockholm Yoga- & Dansfestival –  is a Yoga and Dance Festival, with inspiration for body and soul
Minicards – Minicards – An all-in-one package for good & visible marketing Ekgårdens Kursgård
Yogaportalen – Collects all about Yoga Centers, workshops, travel and interesting articles about yoga.
Permaculture Magazine – den prisbelönta miljötänkande tidningen.
Unity – Norway’s largest center for alternative medicine in Oslo.
Dharma Mountain – Meditation and Retreat Center in the mountains of southern Norway. This is where the mystic Vasant Swaha keep their long retreats and satsangs.
   Visjon – Scandinavia largest magazine in spirituality, natural medicine, philosophy and self-development
Ekobanken logo Ekobanken – invest for a more ecologically, socially, culturally and economically sustainable society.
Yogi Tea – It’s the finest herbs and fragrant spices that give every YOGI TEA its inimitable depth of taste.


Centers in communion:

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