Transforming the challenges of parenting

By launching the Conscious Parenting Festival and the deepening course “Raising our children, Raising ourselves” with Naomi Aldort, Ängsbacka has created a space to empower parents and children. We talked with some course participants about their impressions. By Isabelle Borg, Volunteer at Ängsbacka   Sharing stories to heal and connect For Calle, who joined the course with his wife and children, it was an opportunity for learning about parenting together and exchange with other participants in group exercises.

EVS Perspectives – Stefanie’s 1 second every day video

    Stefanie is one of our beloved Dutchies in the 6-month EVS group. She has brought a lot of value to Ängsbacka through her decoration work and she probably left a mark on everyone's summer experience. She is the mastermind behind the big festival signs, the white animals around the grounds, the nice touches in workshop spaces and the café, the 3-circle "portal". In our EVS group, she brought a beautiful sense of

Tantra Festival is now looking for its new movie stars!

    Are you a movie star? Do you want to inspire others in this meaningful tantric travel? Do you want to add even more fun to your festival experience?   Ängsbacka's Media Team is looking for participants that will join the Tantra Festival this year during 1-6 August. Our dream is to make a short movie about Tantra at Ängsbacka and we really hope that you would like to be part of this exciting project and let us

Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training—Art of Conscious Touch and Expression of Love Through Bodywork

  This year Ängsbacka have been hosting so many exciting courses and workshops and one of them is definitely a blessing-to-be for those who are either professionally or personally interested and deepen themselves in bodywork! During 10 Days Intensive Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training, over 25 years experienced practitioner and teacher Antar Rasal is going to lead us into the heart of conscious touching and skilful massage. This special technique originates from Osho Rebalancing, which was developed by

An invitation to Sacred Womb

An invitation to Sacred Womb – Women’s festival! *   *   * The mistery “There is a mystery that arises in a room full of women… A mystery we carry in our wombs. We call all women to dive into this mystery! Women are rising all over the wold, to claim their power and to bring balance and healing to the planet and to her waters. This festival is a part of this movement and we wish that it becomes

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Celebrating togetherness, connection, and unity—No Mind Festival Interview with Magnus Vikström

“I’ve never experienced another place where that many people can have such a strong sense of togetherness, connection, and unity. I can connect with anyone. The fear goes away. There is just acceptance.” says the co-coordinator Magnus Vikström, when we ask him about No Mind Festival and its spirit. No Mind, without a shadow of a doubt Angsbacka’s most famous and Scandinavia’s biggest alternative festival where over 1,000 amazing beings gather to open their hearts, experience

Floating: Meet the Technology of Nothingness at Ängsbacka

"Being in a float tank is like relaxing in outer space" What is the opposite of stress? Relaxing? Peace? Or comfort? It may be all of them, but we suggest that it is Floating. Not the mention the fact that all you do is going into a large tank and let your body relax. Immediately, life becomes even more wonderful. You are happier. Everything is brighter. It might sound surrealistic, but indeed the zero gravity and distraction-free environment

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Two months of European Voluntary Service

    It has already been two months since the EVS project started and the first group of volunteers has been in Ängsbacka. It is now time for the second group to join us in the following days for a 6 months period. We cannot wait to welcome them into the family! In a few words, the EVS project is called Leaders of Transition and its main purposes are the building of an ecovillage in Ängsbacka’s forest and

The EVS project has started

  The first group of EVS volunteers has started their one year stay in Ängsbacka on February 1st. The group consists of 7 people from 6 European countries: UK, Norway, Estonia, The Netherlands, Germany, and Romania, with ages ranging from 19-29. It’s as diverse as it gets!   And I am one of them! I feel so much happiness and gratefulness to be here! I woke up this morning and I realised that I do live here now

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Backa Förskola startar grundskola!

  Förskolan i Molkom som drivs i samma anda som Ängsbacka planerar att också starta en skola. Efter snart två års verksamhet kan gänget bakom Backa Förskola konstatera att deras holistiska vision gick att genomföra. Nu ansöker de om att få gå vidare med en grundskola med start 2018.   Ekologisk, vegetarisk och sockerfri mat, giftfri miljö och naturmaterial så långt det går. Yoga, dans, meditation och egen odling. Och så Non Violent Communication för att ge barnen verktyg för att

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What is tantra?

Interview: Anna Maria Hernmarck, tantric breath therapist     For many people, tantra and sex go close together. The theme for many workshops at the yearly Tantra festival at Ängsbacka is to acknowledge the sexual energy. However, that’s just one of the pieces in what is called tantra, which primarily is about expanding as a human being, to raise the lifeforce energy and embody unconditional love, for yourself and others.   - Imagine having a truly expanded energy level in

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”Vi har alla samma rädslor – och det är på yogamattan vi möter dem”

  Är du på väg till Ängsbackas Yogafestival i sommar? Hör vad yoga gjort för festivalens Lin Holmquist.   - Du vet, mitt tidigare liv... Jag var skitarg, kände mig otillräcklig och levde för kickarna, säger Lin Holmquist. Alla som har varit på någon av de senaste tre årens yogafestivaler på Ängsbacka har haft chansen att spana in Lin. Som festivalens general håller hon i samlingarna där flera hundra deltagare, volontärer och workshopledare möts i den stora ladan. Just möten

Både Kåre och Tine leder Zen Coaching i höst

Tine leder första kursdelen i Zen Coaching i höst                               (See this article in English below!) Tine Vindeløv är lärare i Zen Coaching  -    Medkänslan och det tillåtande förhållningssättet… och kärleken som detta skapar till mig själv och andra. Tine Vindeløv hittar lätt orden för att beskriva vad hon främst får ut av den framgångsrika Zen Coachingen. Kåre Landfald som har skapat den

The Children have a special place at the No Mind Festival.

Text: Malina Arp The first time I came here I was eight years old. It was at the No Mind festival, and it was mind blowing. Maybe you already heard from many people that the first time at Ängsbacka is special, but what we often forget is that Ängsbacka is a very important place even for children! Perhaps you recognize the kids from last year's No Mind  Children's Festival? Even though I had very open parents most

Sharing – första parkett i någons hjärta…

Sharing är som att få sitta på första parkett i någons hjärta… Så poetiskt uttryckte sig en festivaldeltagare. Att dela och lyssna i en sharinggrupp är en av Ängsbackas grundstenar i intentionen att skapa möjligheter för personlig utveckling. Det är sharing på schemat varje dag för den som så önskar, både för festivaldeltagare, volontärer och personal. Många tycker att den är en mycket betydelsefull del av vistelsen på Ängsbacka. Hur går det till? En grupp om runt sex-sju