We have been elected to represent the members of Ängsbacka

This is a presentation of members of the board of Ängsbacka Association 2016-2017. Welcome to ask questions, share opinions or make suggestions – you can reach all members of the board through board~a~angsbacka.se

“Wisdom is the power that enables us to use our knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and others.” – Thomas J. Watson



Pernilla Tykosson

Chairman of the board

I first came to Ängsbacka in March 2015 and felt a strong connection to the place and the community. I immidiately decided to come back as a volunteer shortly after. Now I live with my family 2 km from Ängsbacka. Every day I feel gratefulness for being a part of this place on earth. I believe that it’s important to have a grounded foundation that creates stability and direction and this is what the board of Ängsbacka Association can support. A strong platform to empower all the manifestations that will come.



Linda Ahl Leire


Secretary of the board

For a long time I was curious about Ängsbacka before it was suddenly
time for me to arrive here at the Tantra Festival 2014. All my shields broke and my heart cracked wide open and I knew that I was finally home. Slowly I redirected my life and moved here in March 2016. Since then I live in Room 21 of the Yellow House and work in Ängsbacka Marketing. I want to see that Ängsbacka is built on our gathered wisdom that we have together. I also want us to use our consciousness to heal ourselves so our intentions and decisions comes from a truly clear sight and pure love.


Annica Karlsson

annicaVice Chairman of the board

I came to Ängsbacka for the first time in 1997, and have remained in Molkom since then. Through the years I have been involved in different ways, first living here, volunteering, summer assistant in the booking office, as a member of extended community. My passion in life is personal development and self-knowledge, to which I have devoted a big part of my life. I am working in the booking office. Clear communication is one of my strengths, as well as being friendly and serviceminded. I feel that my long history with Ängsbacka is an asset for my work in the Board.


Christophe Golle


Board Member

My great-great….great-grandparents were monkeys and they lived in tribes of usually 50 individuals. Long after them, i still feel in my DNA the desire to belong to a community. I’m an engineer who enjoys anything technical, and i’m fascinated by the human mind. Having visited communities from Ukraine to Portugal to the north of Finland, i came back to this place that really touched my heart, where i feel the calling and the ability to contribute.


Ewa Jacobsson


Board Member

I know Ängsbacka changes people’s lives and I believe her role is much bigger than we can imagine. I believe in engaging our members, creating larger contact areas and collaborate in new ways. Im a sustainability evangelist and full of ideas and eager to find new solutions to challenges. My background is as journalist, election observer, creative director, project manager and interaction designer. I’m an Ängsbacka friend since about 15 years.


Per Lundin


Board Member

First time at Ängsbacka for me was 2001 and I found it to be a magical place. For me Ängsbacka is a place to grow whole as a human being and is also a big summer camp playground for adults. I like that kombination! Im in the board because I want to support Ängsbacka and I want it to remain as it is even in the future.


Ransher Kaur


Board Member

I have been living in Molkom most of my life and came in contact with Ängsbacka 2004. During my professional career I has been working in the steel industry with everything from production to sales. I started my own company  2011 after I finished my yoga teacher training and have developed my business and offer Yoga classes and workshops in several places in Värmland. I also work at different course centers as a vegetarian chef. Ängsbacka is close to my heart and I have extensive board experience from sport associations and union.

Eelko Manderweld



Im from the Netherlands and moved to Molkom recently with my partner and children because of Ängsbacka. Im a body therapist and run my own company since 2002. As a person Im enthusiastic social and have creative thinking. Nothing is impossible. I would love to be involved in everything regarding Ängsbacka. To be substitute in the board I see as a great start!


Leon Söderberg



Hi all the world’s citizens and Ängsbackingar, I’m a simple MAN from DALARNA who wants to do good one day at a time. I came to Ängsbacka 11 years ago, and fell in Love with the openness. Big hug Leon.



Hauke Zufall


I came first to Ängsbacka two years ago with my bicycle. I was cycling from Germany to Norway. There I met my girlfriend and she told me about Äb, so I decided to cycle to Sweden. Now I live in Molkom have a two month old baby and enjoy the community a lot. I feel very welcome. It is truely inspiring to be here. I decided to join the board because I am very interested about the development of Äb. It feels good to be a part of the creation.