Foundation: Vision, purpouse and core values

Ängsbacka’s vision

Ängsbackas vision is to be one of Europe’s leading meeting points for human sustainable development and to be a source of inspiration for social, personal and global well being.

Ängsbacka’s purpose

Bringing ourselves and others home: to the realization who and what we really are beyond all thoughts and concepts.

To live our gifts and dreams: To consciously create the life we want to live, both individually and collectively, and share the knowledge and inspiration to others.

To demonstrate a path to sustainable human development: to live and develop in harmony with each other and the planet and inspire others to do the same.

Ängsbackas core values

The association is based on the following core values:

  • Communication from the heart based on openness and acceptance.
  • Self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Care for the planet and all life.
  • Consciously creating a life full of presence and creativity.

We strive to live these core values through service, sharing and meditation, and working for a common purpose. We invite you to take part of this and share with us what works for you. To further support us everyone who comes to Ängbacka for a shorter or a longer period of time will be aquanted with our guidelines for living and working together. Anyone coming to Ängsbacka will also be introduced to sharing, another tool for taking care of ourselves and eachother.

Read the Statutes of Ängsbacka Economic Association