Frequently Asked Questions

What does membership  in Ängsbacka Economic Association encompass?

As members we are co-owners of Ängsbacka Association who owns the company Ängsbacka. This includes the brand, the business, the land and the buildings. Membership is open for everyone who share the core values of Ängsbacka and who want to contribute to the realization of our vision.

Membership for you includes as much as you want it to be.We want to create an organization that can embrace everything from a basic membership to bigger investments and contracting.

What are the benefits of membership?

Our biggest member benefit is that we are co-creators and co-owners of a living Ängsbacka with all the gifts Ängsbacka gives to the world. Ängsbacka is all about what we ourselves realize andmake happen. Together we can create a spiritual, ecological, creative gold mine for the benefit of ourselves and the planet. A gold mine in the world and in your life.

What is in it for me?

The biggest advantage as members is an existing and flourishing Ängsbacka. Our purpouse as an association is to own and develop Ängsbacka as a leading center for human sustainable development. Therefore we have cosen to gather as a circle to maintain and develop that vision.There is no separation between the members and the association, together we ARE the association. Members are offered discount on activities in the program (like a festival) and is especially invited to create or take part in member activities such as member’s weekend, summit and the annual assembly of the association – all of the exclusive to members!

How do I become a member?

To become a member you register and contribute with a donation of your choice (minimum 1000 SEK). To stay a member you pay an annual fee (currently 300 SEK).
The yearly fee is charged beginning each year. Your donation will ensure the maintanance of the association, and enhance our possibilities to support our vision and act in the best interest of the members. The association currently has one part-time employed administrator. Become a member now!

Why should I become a member?

You should become a member if you feel that Ängsbackas existance and development is important to You, and the world. Become a member if You see potentional in our aim to maintain Ängsbacka as a leading centre for sustainable human development. If You see Ängsbacka as a place where You can turn your dreams into reality – then You should become a member.

What is the association board doing?

The board meets regulary to ensure that the organization moves in the right direction – according to the vision and core values of Ängsbacka.The board does not have an active decision-making role in relation to the daily operation of Ängsbacka, but works with implementation of Ängsbackas long term vision.

Can one contribute with more money?

Absolutely! We have so far recieved donations exeeding the set donation fee with more than 200 000 SEK. When You decide to make a donation to Ängsbacka – big or small – it is guranteed to have an effect on peoples life, for nature and the world. It is important to say here that whether your contribution is the required 1000 SEK or a lot more it is still 1 member/1 vote that applies. In this sense your economic status is less important in relation to the association, your ideas, arguments and willingness to contibute on the other hand, is what truly makes a positive development possible!

Will there be a raised member fee or initial donation for becoming a member?

The members can themselves decide to raise any fees connected to the membership. These decitions are objectives for the annual assembly and cannot be decided by anyone else but the members themselves. If the annual fee is not reasonable in you opinion you can of course choose to leave the association whenever that is you wish.

Am I risking to be held economically responsible?

No, an economic association is it’s own legal entity. This means that the association as a whole will suffer from any economic setback. This also applies for the company connectet to the association (Ängsbacka Kursgård AB) who is also it’s own legal entity.

So who is responsible?

The board of the association has a legal, but not economical, responsibility. This means that if Ängsbacka would go bankrupt the members of the board would no be distrained, but if the association would engage in unlawful activities the members of the board would be brought to justice. In relation to the members the board is in the end responsible for all activities within the association and the members vote for/against giving discharge to the board during the annual assembly.

In what way can I influence Ängsbacka’s development?

The highest governing body of the economic association’s is the annual assembly. All  paying members can bring a petition to the assembly and are entitled to vote during the meeting. Members also have the opportunity to convene an extraordinary annual assembly during the course of the year providing that 10% of the association’s members are behind the summoning. In addition to the already existing structure that Ängsbacka Economic Association has a general desire to become even more member-driven when it comes to programs and offerings. Plans for how this can be achieved are underway.

Not yet a member?

If you want to enrich and support a thriving Ängsbacka right away – become a member now!