Become a member

What does it mean to be a member?

As members we are co-owners of Ängsbacka Association. This includes the brand, the business, the land and the buildings. Membership for you includes involvement to an extent that fits you. We want to create an organisation that can embrace everything from a basic membership to bigger investments and contracting. Membership is open for everyone who share the core values of Ängsbacka and who want to contribute to the realization of our vision.

Why should we be members?

Our biggest member benefit is that we are co-creators and co-owners of an existing Ängsbacka and that we can ensure that even more people get to share and receive Ängsbacka’s gifts to the world. Ängsbacka is all about what we ourselves make happen. Together we form the foundation and by getting together for the annual assembly we can create a spiritual, ecological, creative gold mine for the benefit of ourselves and the planet. A gold mine in the world and in your life.


Additional information on what membership encompasses can be found in FAQ, and if still more questions arises concerning your registration as a member please feel free to contact

How do i become a member?

Firstly, make sure that you are acquainted with our vision and core values as they are stated in our foundation (see tab menu of current page). You become a member when you have emailed us the information that we request below and contributed with a donation of your choice (minimum 1000 SEK). The yearly fee from then is 300 SEK and is being charged at the beginning of each year.

Become a member!

Step 1.) Send us:

-Date of birth
-Zip code
Email adress
-Phone number



Step 2.) Pay 1000 SEK or more
Nordea bank Sweden, SE 10571 Stockholm Swift-kod (Bic) : NDEASESS IBAN NR: SE03 9500 0099 6026 0491 5849

Please mark with name and email adress.