Two first months of EVS


It has already been two months since the EVS project started and the first group of volunteers has been in Ängsbacka. It is now time for the second group to join us in the following days for a 6 months period. We cannot wait to welcome them into the family! In a few words, the EVS project is called Leaders of Transition and its main purposes are the building of an ecovillage in Ängsbacka’s forest and the hosting of the European Ecovillage Conference in July.

During this time our understanding of the project grew bigger, as well as our understanding of where we fit in making it happen. Some of us have joined the site team and are learning about building and maintenance, some of us have joined the garden team or the raw food master and are developing skills in those areas.

Some of us are helping with the co-creation of the European Ecovillage Conference that we will hold in July in collaboration with Global Ecovillage Network Europe. If you would like to be part of it and hold a workshop, we are receiving applications until April 15.

Some of us are looking into the details of designing the first house we are going to build, like the amounts of the material we need, how much time it will take and how we invest that time, how we can design the interior to make it as comfortable as possible. For this house, we are using as a model a small 21 m² house that was build by a nearby folk high school that agreed to share their knowledge and experience with us.

And at the same time all of us are working with more than one team and we also bring our support to the community in any area that has to do with Ängsbacka daily life when needed.



The past week or so has been all about spring. Now that snow is gone the outdoor chores are more diverse. The garden team is working hard with spring cleaning and seeding. A big task these days is preparing firewood for next winter. Site team is taking care of the new reception office and creating more accommodation spaces. And the terrain in the Forest Dream area where we will be building the ecovillage is being prepared by cutting the trees. The feeling is that life is blossoming everywhere around. Beautiful decorations are appearing on the grounds. Sometimes the sun is already bright enough so we can have lunch and a siesta outside. And we are getting ready to soon experience our first festival in Ängsbacka – the Yoga and Dance Easter festival.


Our EVS experience in Ängsbacka is rewarding and full of events. We work 5 h/day 5 days/week, and that leaves plenty of time for our own personal journeys. What makes Ängsbacka a great place to live in are all the things that are particular to it. The fact that it is a community, the feeling that we are all part of the mechanism that holds all of us through our own experiences and growth and also all the participants in the festivals and courses that take place here. The sharing we do twice a week, holding space for each other and what is alive in us right now. The workshops and techniques that are being shared by community members to help us relate to each other in healthier ways, to help us take better care of ourselves as we are sharing our living space with quite a number of people, workshops that help us with our spiritual practice, that connect us with our inner longins and long-term objectives as well as with being in the present, plenty of dancing and singing. Just a few things we have experienced since we got here are contact improvisation, family constellation, inquiery, body work, so many types of yoga, guided meditation, non-violent communication, the wheel of consent.


At the end of the day, the best thing about volunteering in Ängsbacka is the togetherness and the feeling we are in a safe space.  A space that can hold our most authentic self. A place that can help us heal and shine our light brighter. Where we all admit openly that we are in a process and are willing to share it and our vulnerability. We know we need not hold any social norm that doesn’t serve us as long as we respect each other and we respect the guidelines that keep the community a healthy place for everyone. It is a space where everyone can be accepted and received just the way they are.

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