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Body Love – A New Beginning
Lamhita Jacobson

7 mar - 10 mar

A weekend to let go of what you no longer need through Trauma Healing, Gong and Yoga.

Kundaliniyoga Teacher Training
Kursstart för Sthlm & Karlstad

8 mar - 10 mar

Ettårig utbildning i Oslo, Stockholm, Karlstad eller Örebro med gemensamma retreater på Ängsbacka.

The Ineffable Stream
Susannah Grover

24 mar - 31 mar

Meditation practices, self-inquiry and integration of spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom.

VOLUNTEER Yoga & Dance Easter Festival

16 apr - 23 apr

Presence, service and togetherness. Join Ängsbacka working community and help to host the festival.

Yoga & Dance Easter Festival

18 apr - 22 apr

Welcome the spring and the light. Boost your body with a rich variety of yoga, meditation, dance, music and inspiring workshops.

Pink Tantra
Blake & Ingela Steele

22 apr - 25 apr

Discovering higher potentials hidden in our bodies, minds & sexual nature – to renew, heal and transform our life.

Sohan & Birgitta

1 maj - 5 maj

Öppen Kundaliniyoga retreat.

Tantric Dating Masterclass
Lin Holmquist & Aaron Kleinerman

2 maj - 5 maj

Explore conscious dating - connecting through emotions, intellect and sensuality.

Stora Medicinhjulet – Kursstart vår
Victor Forselius

7 maj - 12 maj

One year Energy Medicine Training to become a healer in Inca-shamanic tradition.

Sexual Intelligence
Talib & Shubhaa

8 maj - 12 maj

Explore yourself through a profound personal process, taking the time and space to explore the collective split between sexuality and the heart.

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival 2019

15 maj - 19 maj

Standing together in sisterhood. Workshops, rituals and circles to empower and nurture the Feminine.

The Zen Way of Coaching
Kåre Landfald

31 maj - 5 jun

A profound personal journey, and a coach training with a unique inner focus.

Midsummer at Ängsbacka

20 jun - 22 jun

Music, creativity, forest magic and open hearts. Celebrate swedish midsummer the Ängsbacka way.

Sexsibility Festival

25 jun - 30 jun

An intimate festival focused on sensuality, intimacy, sexuality, body & soul.

No Mind Festival

6 jul - 13 jul

A heart-opening festival for spiritual and personal transformation. Workshops and concerts with more than 70 inspiring workshop leaders, artists and musicians from all over the world. Dedicated program for children and youth.

Family Constellation – Festival Deepening
Svagito Liebermeister

15 jul - 17 jul

Deepening family constellation retreat after No Mind Festival

Yoga Festival

18 jul - 24 jul

Vitality, relaxation, soul and presence. An international yoga event for enthusiasts of all levels and traditions.

Tantra Festival

30 jul - 4 aug

How can you open up for the flowing life energy and pleasure - inside yourself, and in your interaction with the world around you?

ISTA – Level 1

5 aug - 11 aug

A life-changing training in stepping into your full power as a sexual and conscious being.

Tantra Heart – Free to Love

5 aug - 9 aug

Free yourself from any limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self.

Conscious Parenting Festival 2019

14 aug - 18 aug

A festival for adults and children to land in themselves, and come together, free of limiting concepts.

New: AcroYoga Teacher Training

1 sep - 15 sep

Two weeks intensive training in becoming an Acro Yoga Teacher.

Biodynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training
Antar Rasal

2 okt - 13 okt

Intensive training to become a skillfull practitioner in Biodynamic Rebalancing Massage

Stora Medicinhjulet – Kursstart höst
Victor Forselius

14 okt - 19 okt

One year Energy Medicine Training to become a healer in Inca-shamanic tradition.

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom
Åsa Kullberg

7 Nov - 10 Nov

Returning to an innocent, natural and sacred sexuality.

Skrivande & Kärlek – Skrivarkurs
Bob Hansson

14 Nov - 17 Nov

Om skrivande, meditation, kreativitet. Vänta inte på inspirationen, skriv som om du redan har den!

Tantra – Pleasure & Healing
Lorenzo Stiernquist

28 Nov - 1 Dec

Heal shame and guilt, dare to enjoy being close and intimate.

Deep Union – Couples Tantra
Smrati Skog

5 Dec - 8 Dec

Relax into intimacy and deepen the bonds in your relationship together.

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