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Midsummer at Ängsbacka

21 Jun - 23 Jun

Music, creativity, forest magic and open hearts. Celebrate swedish midsummer the Ängsbacka way.

Sexsibility Festival

26 Jun - 1 Jul

An intimate festival exploring various aspects of conscious sexuality and connection.

No Mind Festival

7 Jul - 14 Jul

Scandinavia's biggest tranformation festival - a mindblowing experience for adults, youth and children.

Yoga Festival

20 Jul - 26 Jul

Vitality, relaxation, soul and presence. An international yoga event for enthusiasts of all levels and traditions.

Tantra Festival

31 Jul - 5 Aug

Open up the flow of life-energy - within yourself and in meetings with others.

ISTA – Level 1

6 Aug - 12 Aug

A life-changing training in stepping into your full power as a sexual and conscious being.

Tantra Heart – Free to Love

6 Aug - 10 Aug

Free yourself from any limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self.

Conscious Parenting Festival

15 Aug - 19 Aug

A festival for adults and children to land in themselves, and come together, free of limiting concepts.

The Gift of Womanhood – Kundaliniyoga Retreat
Guru Rattana

1 Sep - 9 Sep

Kundalini Yoga Retreat. Awaken to your authentic being as a sacred woman.

Skrivande & Kärlek – Skrivarkurs
Bob Hansson

20 Sep - 23 Sep

Om skrivande, meditation, kreativitet. Vänta inte på inspirationen, skriv som om du redan har den!

Wild Spirit Kalid

Wild Spirit

20 Sep - 23 Sep

A journey of ancestral rituals, contemporary therapy and heart wisdom to connect to spirit and re-awaken magic.

Krigarens Väg
Daniel Ekholm

25 Sep - 30 Sep

Ledarskapsutbildning i handling och mod där vi använder arketypen Krigaren som främsta läromästare

The Ineffable Stream
Susannah Grover

23 Okt - 28 Okt

Meditation practices, self-inquiry and integration of spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom.

Love, Being Loved & Loving
Blake & Ingela Steele

1 Nov - 4 Nov

Healing and growing in an atmosphere of Unconditional Love and Loving

Tantra – Pleasure & Healing
Lorenzo Stiernquist

8 Nov - 11 Nov

Heal shame and guilt, dare to enjoy being close and intimate.

Shamanic Sexual WisdomÅsa Kullberg

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom
Åsa Kullberg

8 Nov - 11 Nov

Returning to an innocent, natural and sacred sexuality.

Stora Medicinhjulet
Victor Forselius

13 Nov - 18 Nov

One year Energy Medicine Training to become a healer in Inca-shamanic tradition.

The Zen Way of Coaching
Kåre Landfald

20 Nov - 25 Nov

A profound personal journey, and a coach training with a unique inner focus.

Spirit Gathering 2018

23 Nov - 25 Nov

November might seem like a dark and cold time. Some go abroad, but what do we do that stay? Let’s create this tribe celebration!

Deep Union – Couples Tantra
Smrati Skog

6 Dec - 9 Dec

Relax into intimacy and deepen the bonds in your relationship together.

Ängsbacka New Year Festival

29 Dec 2018 - 2 Jan 2019


Yoga & Dance Easter Festival

18 Apr 2019 - 22 Apr 2019

Boost your life-energy with yoga, dance, music, inspiring workshops and festival spirit.

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)

24 Apr 2019 - 23 Maj 2019

Intensive training in community and project design for personal and planetary thriving.

Women’s Festival – Sacred Womb

15 Maj 2019 - 19 Maj 2019

Standing together in sisterhood. Workshops, rituals and circles to empower and nurture the Feminine.

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