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Midsummer Festival 2017

22-25 June


This form is the only channel by which you can send us your info. Please complete it with care and do this as soon as possible so we can start telling everybody how happy we are to have you!
We look forward to seeing you in person for fantastic Midsummer Festival 2017!


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Optional: A great way to get a taste of you is through a video. We’d love to get a simple clip of you, 1-2 minutes long, where you share about what makes you want to come to the Midsummer Festival. It can be spontaneous and unedited, and the sooner we get it the better.

Email us the video at maria.akerstedt@angsbacka.se and we will share it on Facebook.

Thank you so much!


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Let’s spread the word and reach far and wide at this festival! Via Facebook, email, Instagram etc. Join the Midsummer @ Ängsbacka group on Facebook! Please do not make it a space to post advertising.
Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/283332528469929/ (opens in a new window)
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For questions about the program (workshops etc), contact Maria at maria.akerstedt@angsbacka.se
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