Can I bring my dog?

Yes, outside of the summer festival season (mid June to mid August) dogs are allowed onsite at Ängsbacka.

However, there are a few restrictions to bear in mind. The main thing to be aware of is that, due to allergy risks, dogs are not permitted in any of our main buildings, such as the Yellow House, which is where your accommdation will be. This would mean that you would need to arrange your own accommodation, for example a caravan or RV, or have a dog-friendly rental arrangement in the nearby town of Molkom. During your working day, your dog can be onsite, however this is only recommended for dogs used to being outside for long periods of time, and in cold weather!

During the summer festival season, dogs are not allowed on site at all, but could again be kept in offsite accommodation as mentioned above.

Can I attend Ängsbacka’s course program?

No, volunteers do not generally have free access to the course program. Occassionally, workshop leaders may offer volunteers a chance to join a morning practice, for example, yoga or mediation, or give an evening talk or mini workshop, however this is not so frequent. Instead of this, the volunteers have their own activity program, which includes a variety of yoga, meditation, dance and other spiritual practices throughout the week.

What clothes do I need to bring?

Depending on your working group and the time of year, there are a few things to consider:

Outside of the winter season, you need to dress for all weathers if working in the vegetable garden, park or site team. This means sunhats and sunscreen in the summer, as the sun can be suprisingly strong, and woolly hats and waterproofs in the spring to autumn season (summers can also sometimes be wet and cold!). It is also helpful to bring a pair of work boots and gloves, as we may not have so many in your size.

In winter time you will not be working outside so much, but it still good to have a pair of warm boots and winter coat, along with a hat, gloves and scarf, as it usually snows between December and March in this part of Sweden, and daytime temperatures are routinely well below zero! It can also therefore be more comfortable for you in the winter if you have a couple of sets of long, thermal underwear!

What is the minimum length of stay?

The minimum length of stay is three days.

How do I become a Long Term Volunteer?

Generally, volunteers have a trial period of two weeks, after which we can meet to discuss extending your stay for a longer period.

Why do I have to pay?

Most volunteers at Ängsbacka pay 80SEK in addition to the 5 hours of working meditation per day. This amount is a contribution to the cost of proving the very high standard of food that we have here at Ängsbacka, which is almost 100% organic, caters for special diets such as vegan, raw, lactose-free, and gluten-free as standard, and is prepared with the greatest care and attention by our highly skilled chefs. Your accommodation is free.

What is a ‘Skilled Deal’?

There are a limited number of places available at Ängsbacka for volunteers to join on a ‘zero-deal’, in which case you do not have to pay the 80SEK per day. One of the ways to do this is to offer a professional skill that Ängsbacka needs, for example, carpentry, plumbing, IT and web-based skills. If you feel able to offer one of these, or another professional skill, be sure to mention it on your application form, and we look forward to discussing the possiblities further with you in a Skype or telephone call.