Datum för nästa års festival är

1-6 August 2017

Mer information om tantrafestivalen 2017 kommer senare. Nedan kan du läsa om festivalen som var 2016.

Tantra Festival 2016 – 2-7 August – Heart, bliss and power

The Tantra Festival is Ängsbacka’s juiciest festival and offers you the opportunity to meet other people willing to explore sexuality, relationships, personal development and spirituality trough tantra, one of the most powerful methods of self-realization.

This year the Tantra Festival is about finding the truth of one’s heart, its ecstatic enjoyment and its vitality and to be centered in meetings with others. Heart, bliss and power.

Tantra is not just about sex and sexuality – it is an exploration of being true, free and in our power. It offers the gift of seeing past illusions and limiting patterns, fully engaging us with life in a potent and fulfilling way.

You don’t need any previous experience of tantra to come, just an open mind and a willingness to face yourself and others honestly. The festival is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners, 18 years old and above. All sexual orientations and preferences are welcome in the practice of tantra.

You can come alone as a single or together with a partner; there will be opportunities for everyone to grow.

The festival offers workshops on sexual tantra and tantra massage for couples and singles, including tantric meditations. We invite you to experience powerful ceremonies, men’s circles and women’s groups, dance and concerts. It is a festival dedicated to joy, pleasure and unconditional love, but also a place of profound peace and rest in stillness.


The festival offers the opportunity to experience many magical encounters with other people, but it’s also fine to do most workshops with the same person if you come with a partner. It is a great place to heal old wounds, especially around shame and self-doubt. It is a place for really saying YES to yourself and for bringing in greater peace and fulfillment into your life.

We have invited many experienced and exciting teachers, mystics, spiritual guides and energy workers who help us on the path, and the intent is to create a strong energy of togetherness during the festival. The experience is included in addition to great music and lively dancing, delicious vegetarian food and, not least, the beautiful surroundings of Ängsbacka.

A taste of the festival lineup 2016

  • Bruce Lyon – Cosmologist and Tantra Teacher
  • Kamala Devi – Sacred Snuggle Party
  • Michael McClure – Experiment in Sex, Love and Enlightenment
  • Dhyan Niten – Tantra workshops, The Integrated Masculine
  • Matt Schwent – Sacred Sexuality, The Wheel of Consent
  • Åsa Kullberg – Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Shamanic BodyDearmoring
  • Santoshi Amor – The Art of Loving Touch, Tantra workshops
  • Anna Maria Hernmarck – Shamanic Tantrika Arts & Taoist Sound Journey
  • Herman Ottosson – Presence Training for Men
  • Sara Gustafsson – Women’s Health, Pelvic Floor Dance & Movement
  • Lin Holmquist – Tantra massage workshop, Energy Work
  • Kareem Raihani – DJ, Ecstatic Dance, Party Night
  • Eugene Hedlund – TribalTantra, 5Rhythms®
  • Estera Saraswati – Tantra Teacher, Temple Art Priestess & Shaman
  • Zenon D. Dorje – Four Pillars of Tantra
  • Beta Lisboa – Yin Fascial Yoga
  • Simon Calder – MyoFascial Daoyin
  • Dakini Cat Nightingale – Tantra teacher, Dakini & Sacred Intimate
  • Fredrik Swahn – Musician, Be the Voice workshops
  • Charlotte Cronquist – Talks on Sexual Energy, Energy Work
  • Shima Hessenauer – The Holy Lover
  • Kobi – Tantra Heart Workshops
  • Aron Wängborg – Guru Training
  • Maria Pravasi – Yoga Shaking, Shamanic Chakra healing
  • Anna-Karin Nilsson – Relating in dance
  • Hajni Makk – Shamanic Heart Movement
  • Smrati Skog – Pulsation Breathing
  • Jimmy Lundgren – Sweat lodge
  • Samuel Lu – Violinist
  • …and more to come!

The full list of workshop leaders and musicians will be updated continuously. Check back for updates!

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an exploration that leads to freedom and enlightenment. There are thousands of techniques and methods to step out of your old patterns and discover the thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from seeing the truth. Tantra serves as a way to authentically engage with life in the present moment; moving towards living without anxiety, jealousy or being judgmental. It also reminds us that at a deeper level, there is no separation between ourselves and ”others.”


Exploring your boundaries

At the festival there is room for both fun and seriousness, magical encounters, tough challenges and unconditional love. All workshops are voluntary and color-coded to better inform you of what will take place. Self-responsibility is the key and it is you who decides how far you would like to go. There is no pressure to expand your boundaries any further than feels right to you. There will also be a “code word” that can be used throughout the festival by anyone when boundaries are being crossed. This is all done to respect the power and potency of Tantra, which can be both challenging and rewarding.


What is expected of you?

At the Tantra Festival we expect that you are honest and that you take responsibility for your own feelings and your actions. You are expected to be dressed in the garden and the woods around it, and that you keep your sexual relationships in your own private room or in your own tent. We expect that you are open and accepting towards the other participants at the festival. Compassion, honesty and openness with our emotions is embraced and encouraged. All participants must respect that Ängsbacka is a drug-free and alcohol-free space. Those who violate this policy will be asked to leave. Everyone will be presented with the Tantra Festival Ethical Guidelines after they sign up for the festival.

Curious what a Tantra Festival really looks like?

Check out pictures and video from previous festivals and take a look for yourself!

A typical day might look like this:

  •  7.00: Morning Practice (Yoga, Breathing, Shaking, etc.)
  •  8.00: Breakfast
  •  10.00: Morning Ceremony
  •  11.15: Workshops
  •  13.00: Lunch
  •  15.00: Sharing
  •  16.15: Workshops
  •  18.30: Dinner
  •  From 20.00: Workshops, dance, music or socializing in the café.

All workshops will be color-coded and categorized so that you know how advanced or challenging the exercises you will encounter are – it’s up to you to take responsibility for your well-being during the festival and workshops to choose – not for your ego, but from a deep desire to participate in this particular session. Information about the workshop leaders and their backgrounds will be available on the info board for all to see.


Express your deepest desires

On Friday afternoon there is the possibility to freely explore your inner dreams. Everyone is invited to a spectacular party where you can explore all aspects of your being: all colors, all shadows and embrace them together with people you feel safe with. Dress in your finest or your sexiest clothes. Dress up like your dream character, or why not express a fetish. Come dressed as a princess, police or in latex, leather, beads or feathers – or come in your everyday dress or your workout clothes.

During the party we will play a game that is about enjoying life fully! How much can you enjoy this very moment and how can you let that happiness and love overflow to serve others? it’s a game that suits some – but not others. The party is a real opportunity for you to give and recieve love!

Divine Cuddle room and Open Stage

For those who prefer to rest in intimate connection, there is a “cuddle party” on Friday efternoon, a beautiful room with loving guidance regarding the art of sensual massage. One night on the edges between dreams and reality awaits those who fulfill their dreams in the cuddle party.

Perhaps you also intend to express yourself on stage. Then there is the possibility of performing on the Open Stage on Friday. The audience during Ängsbacka’s open stage gives you the love and encouragement you need and perhaps births new focus and inspiration for your life after the open stage!

White Ceremony

On the Saturday evening, you will be invited to a tantric ceremony. During this ceremony, we will wear white clothes. Make sure to bring white or light colored clothes when you pack.


Deepening courses after the festival

Directly after the festival you can stay on and go deeper by joining the ISTA-training (8-14 Aug) med Bruce Lyon, Kamala Devi och Dhyan Niten. Later in the autmn Beta Lisboa , Estera & Zenon, Åsa Kullberg, Smrati Skog and others will return to Ängsbacka offering various courses and retreats.

Healing Circle

The participants are offered a variety of massage, energy work, counseling and coaching from selected professional therapists. You book and pay for your session by cash on-site at Ängsbacka, in the information tent, before you receive your treatment session. The coordinator and the session-givers in the Healing Circle will be presented at one of the morning meetings at the beginning of the festival.


All participants receive tent space in the campground with their ticket. Please bring your own tent. If you come with a partner you can book a double room or use your tent for your own practice. If you book a dormitory or 4-6 bedroom, these rooms are intended for recovery and sleep only.

The food, cafe and sauna

The food at the festival is cooked with love and passion and is to be enjoyed by all the senses. We serve mostly organic vegetarian food and you are invited to a variety of surprises along the way. Our cafe prepares delicious baked goods and raw treats that you can delight yourself in. We also have a large wood sauna which you can enjoy with others and let go of all your stresses.


The surroundings

The beautiful and peaceful surroundings with meadows, lakes and forests around Ängsbacka offers and creates a supportive atmosphere for those who want to immerse themselves in the tantra. From early morning to late evening, your day is filled with yoga, tantra, love and nature.



Lin Ananda Holmquist

Program coordinator for Tantra Festival 2016
E-mail: tantrafestival (at) angsbacka.se


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Vänligen notera att det kan förekomma uppdateringar under programplaneringen.

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  • Tantra Festivalen
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The Zen Way of Coaching
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Dynamic Meditation
Concert - Mamma Dunder
Sacred Snuggle Party
Experiment in Sex, Love and Enlightenment
Deep House, Tech House och Techno
Tantra Spirit
Sacred Sexuality, The Wheel of Consent
Sacred Sexuality
Tantra Workshop
Shamanic Sexual Wisdom, Body Dearmoring
Shamanic Tantrika Arts & Taoist Soundjourney
Tantra massage workshop, Energy work
TribalTantra, 5Rhythms
Tantra teacher, temple art priestess & shaman
Tantric Yogi, Tantra Teacher
Tantra teacher, Dakini & Sacred Intimate
The Holy Lover
Talks on sexual energy, Energy work
Be the voice - sångworkshop, musiker
Tantra Heart Workshops
HolistiskYoga, Holistisk HormonYoga för kvinnor
Silent Sitting Meditation
Yoga Shaking, Shamansk Chakra healing

Kom som volontär

What does it mean to be a festival volunteer at Ängsbacka?

As a festival volunteer you come to participate in our festivals and in exchange, you offer your time and energy to serve the festival in one of our working groups. As an exchange for your contribution, you receive our festival ticket at a discounted price; three beautiful, vegetarian meals a day and a bed in one of the dormitories or tents on the festival campsite.

Festival Volunteer Camp Dates

  • Tantra Festival Volunteer: Sun 31 July – Mon 8 August 2016
    Fee: 1950 SEK.
  • Post Camp I Volunteer: Tue 9 August – Sun 14 August 2016
    Fee: 80 SEK/day.
  • Post Camp II Volunteer: Mon 15 August – Sun 28 August 2016
    Fee: 80 SEK/day.

If you combine two or more camps you will receive a discount on the volunteer fee.
2 camps = 20% discount.


Click here to apply as a volunteer for the Tantra Festival.

Praktisk information

Ankomst & avresa

Ankomst tisdag den 2:a augusti 2016

  • Incheckning kl.15.00-19.30
  • Första workshop kl. 16.30
  • Middag kl. 19.00-20.00
  • Invigningsceremoni kl. 20.30

Avresa söndag den 7:e augusti 2016

  • Brunch kl. 10.30-11.30
  • Avslutningsceremonin slutar vid kl. 14.00, därefter serveras fika/snack

Pris & bokning – festivalen 2016

Mer information om priser för festivalen 2017 beräknas komma under hösten/vintern 2016

Som deltagare på festivalen måste du vara minst 18 år!


Festival combo rabatt  – Delta i fler än en sommarfestival så får du Early Bird priset på varje festival du kommer till! Använd koden TFCOMBO vid bokningnen för att få rabatten.

Medlemsrabatt: Medlemmar i Ängsbacka Ekonomisk Förening får 300 kr rabatt när de använder koden MEMBER16 oavsett under vilken period de bokar.


Priset inkluderar festivalentré, workshops & konserter, vegetariska måltider samt tältplats.

Observera: för att kunna få din biljett för Early Bird samt reducerat pris, måste du boka innan slutdatum och sedan betala inom 5 dagar.

Vuxen Pris
Erbjudande 1: Early Bird
till 15 mars
3800 kr
Erbjudande 2: Reducerat
16 mars – 15 juni
4100 kr
16 juni – 1 augusti
4400 kr
At the gate
den 2 augusti
4600 kr

BOENDE – 2016

Tältplats   ingår – (tag med eget tält!)
Plats i sovsal 980 kr
Plats i 4-6 bäddsrum 1450 kr
Plats i dubbelrum (fullbokade)
2250 kr
Enkelrum (fullbokade) 3950 kr
(utan el)
  700 kr
Plats i yurta
(Madrass, täcke och kudde ingår. En vedspis gör uppvärmning möjligt.)
980 kr
Är du intresserad av hyra privat boende i närheten av Ängsbacka. Skriv till booking@angsbacka.se så mejlar vi en lista med privata uthyrare.
Medtag egna lakan och handdukar (även handduk för bastun)
Ta gärna med dig öronproppar om du är känslig för ljud när du sover


Du kan slutföra din betalning på 3 olika sätt. Medan du bokar kommer att du att få vidare instruktioner. Efter att du bokat din biljett kommer du att få en bekräftelse via e-post.

1) Kortbetalning

Betala on-line med valfritt betalkort/kontokort.

2) Swish (mobilapp)

Överför beloppet från ditt swishkonto till Ängsbackas swishkonto: 123 538 12 56.

Viktigt! Ange vilket event du bokar, samt ditt eget namn om du betalar från ett annat konto än ditt eget.

3) Banköverföring

Från Sverige:
Insättning på Ängsbackas Bankgiro 5038-7448

Från utlandet:
Nordea bank account No. 9960 2644185510
Swift address: NDEASESS
IBAN: SE63 9500 0099 6026 4418 5510

Viktigt! Ange vilket event du bokar, samt ditt eget namn om du betalar från ett annat konto än ditt eget.


Om du använder SWISH eller BANKÖVERFÖRING föredrar vi att du betalar direkt. Har du inte möjlighet till det, så behöver betalningen erläggas inom 10 dagar från det du bokat, om inte ett rabattvillkor kräver tidigare betalning än så.

Full betalning behöver vara erlagd när eventet börjar. Observera att din plats på eventet är garanterad först när du har betalat.

Har du frågor angående bokning och betalning kontakt oss på:
e-mail: booking@angsbacka.se
telefon: +46 553 100 35


Vid avbokning som sker fram till en månad före festivalstart tar vi ut en avbokningsavgift på 350 kr per person. Därefter, och fram till festivalstart, är avbokningsavgiften 15 % av bokningens totala värde. För barn och ungdom (upp till 18 år) är avbokningsavgiften hälften. Maxbeloppet vi behåller per person är 900 kr.

Observera att vid avbokning under de två sista veckorna före festivalens start, behövs komplettering med ett läkarintyg för att återbetalning ska ske. Återbetalningar kan ta upp till 1 månad. Vid avbokning efter festivalstart sker ingen återbetalning.

Om Ängsbacka ställer in festivalen så återbetalas hela beloppet.


Klicka på en bild för att öppna galleriet i Flickr.


Tantra Festival 2016

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