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20-24 September 2017

Conscious Parenting 
Festival 2017

~ Creating the Future Together ~

Now finally – Ängsbacka invites you to an event where adults and children can all land in themselves and come together free of limiting concepts.

We believe that it’s time to focus on the future leaders of this planet – the children.



The Children – our teachers

In this festival we will create a supportive space for parents and children to connect deeply and have fun, to give parents practical tools that they can use in their daily lives with the children and to really see the children. The festival is an honouring of parents and children – and a way to see the children as our teachers and as a part of our spiritual path.


Learn, open, heal and by inspired

We invite everyone who is inspired to explore new ways of relating between generations. Come and enjoy community life, exciting workshops for children and adults, concerts, dance and nature. With some of the most empowering teachers within this field we create a space for you to learn, open, heal and be inspired by other conscious beings.


Workshops – for children, adults and all together

There will be two workshop slots per day, one for adults and children separately and one for all ages together. Children are always welcome to the workshops for adults and we will have a play area at the workshop for the children there also. In the afternoon we invite everyone to participate in original play, contact impro, massage, cooking, music, storytelling, painting, dance or yoga.


Bonfire, vision-quest and children’s council

Evenings will be spent at the bonfire, open stage, a giant sleepover or the disco. We have something for all ages. There will be a space for the children to sleep close to you while you connect with others in the cosy café at night. The weekend has a theme of Creating the Future Together. The teenagers will have the opportunity to explore initiation and vision-quest and the adults will have the chance to attend the children’s council.


More information

  • The festival will be in English for adults and in Swedish and English for children.
  • For questions about the festival Conscious Parenting, contact:
    Verónica Larraya:
    Lin Holmquist
  • Contact us for information about food and lodging:

Warmly welcome to Conscious Parenting Festival at Ängsbacka in September!


Workshop Leaders

Here we will present all the workshop leaders.


Practical Information

Conscious Parenting Festival
20-24 September 2017

Arrival & Departure

Wednesday 20 September

•    Check-in:
•    First workshop
•    Dinner:
•    Welcome Ceremony:

Sunday 24 September

  • Closing Ceremony ends at:


Price & Booking

Conscious Parenting Festival
20-24 September 2017